Insight to Help You Plan and Choose the Right Landscape Wall Art

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Insight to Help You Plan and Choose the Right Landscape Wall Art

7 June 2021
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Along with the wall colors and lighting in a room, landscape wall art has the potential to really make or break a room's appearance. Here are some recommendations to help you with selecting and adding the right landscape wall art for your home.

Look For the Right Landscape Art

When you add a new piece of landscape art to a room in your home, you don't need to worry about the wall art matching with your color scheme as much as you need to choose the right feeling for the room. To choose a wall art piece, you are adding a feeling and sometimes emotion to the room. Some wall art has a vibrant or cheerful feeling, and others may be dark and dramatic. So when you select a dark piece of wall art for your living room, it can change the mood of the room and affect guests that come to your home.

Another tip to consider is the type of landscape art and what is included in the artist's imagery. For example, is it a field of tulips in Amsterdam, a view of the English countryside, or art made of pressed tulips and dried grasses? Or you can choose a piece of art for its historical location or a place you have visited or want to visit, especially if the view is of the location with the sun's morning rays breaking over the scene.

Place the Art

Once you have chosen the landscape wall art for your home, you will need to be sure you place it right within the interior space. Select the wall art piece based on the size of the wall it will be hung on. Don't choose wall art that is tiny and hang it on a large wall with tall vaulted ceilings, and don't hang large wall art on a wall that barely has space for it to fit. Make sure you choose wall art that takes up a medium amount of space on the wall but does not overpower it. Then, hang the art so it is at eye level when you stand and look at the wall. Don't hang it too high or too low on the wall, as this can make it look irregular and uncomfortable. 

When selecting a location for your wall art, you should also consider where the wall is in relation to windows that let in natural light. Landscape wall art can be susceptible to fading and you don't want your wall art to become faded and lose its vibrant colors only to be left with muted blues and greens in your wall art. Plan to hang art out of the way of direct sunlight.

However, indirect sunlight in a room can fade the colors on your wall art, so check with the type of glass covering and framing around the art before you hang the art. You can ask for the art to be protected with a layer of UV acrylic plexiglass when it is framed to keep its colors vibrant.

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