Newborn Photography: Tips For Success

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Newborn Photography: Tips For Success

6 August 2021
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The newborn stage is a brief time filled with wonder, awe, and sentimentality. For parents who wish to preserve the newborn stage in an artistic way, hiring a newborn photographer is an excellent choice. A newborn photo shoot is a perfect way to create lasting memories of a treasured time and can lead to stunning results. Knowing what to expect ahead of time and preparing well can promote a positive experience for all involved. Read ahead for what to expect during a newborn photography session and how to best prepare for the shoot. 

Plan Ahead

Some parents may be surprised to learn that most newborn photography sessions can take three to four hours. When scheduling a photography session, be sure to set apart enough time in the day to accommodate the appointment in its entirety. Asking the photographer what to expect ahead of time is always recommended as the photographer can then give a rundown of how long the session may last as well as what the overall process looks like. This also encourages rapport between the photographer and client and will encourage an atmosphere of positive and clear communication on the day of the photoshoot. 

Bring the Essentials

Since the photography session can take a while to complete, preparing with the essentials before the appointment is a must. It is best to bring more food than expected for the time period allotted as many newborns tend to become very hungry during a photography session. Snacks, a packed lunch, and water for parents are also highly recommended to stay satisfied and hydrated. If breastfeeding or pumping, be sure to pack any necessary equipment such as covers or pumping equipment. A change of clothes is also recommended in case of accidents and plenty of diapers will obviously be needed. Items to soothe the baby, including favorite toys, blankets, and pacifiers, will promote a relaxed environment during the photo shoot. 

Communication Is Key

Since the photoshoot can take a few hours, solid communication between the parent and photographer is highly encouraged as this will make the entire process run smoothly. Any special requests, questions or concerns should always be communicated openly to the photographer during a newborn shoot to ensure the safety and comfortability of all involved. Requests for certain poses or props can also be discussed before and during the shoot. Items that hold great sentimentality to the family, for example, may also be included in the photoshoot but should be communicated with the photographer beforehand. This will ensure the photographer has enough time to include the items in the shoot itself without disrupting the remainder of the session. Communication to future clientele is also recommended in the form of providing a testimonial that touches on the photoshoot process and the finished results.